And another.

I have exactly 11 hours before I enter an exam hall for my English iGCSE paper followed by my iGCSE Science paper and then my iGCSE Business Studies paper.Even though all that is true, I’m sitting here at my desk about to click on the next episode of Suits.

The icon is right beneath my cursor, begging me to click on it; I can practically see it grinning there behind those stupid fucking colourful pixels on my screen, rubbing its dirty little hands together, knowing I’ll cave in to the temptation of Harvey Specter and Jessica Pearsen and Mike Ross and Rachel Zane doing lawyery stuff on screen and goddamn, it’s right.

Onto the next episode. 

Guilt. Guilt. I hate myself. Guilt.

I realise now that my self-discipline is at a low never before seen by any other student (though that sentence of “realisation” s probably just more hyperbole frothing up from the churning juices of my conceited ego).

I also realise how pretentious and snobby this post is.

My language.

My horribly snobby use of language.

My horribly snobby use of language that’s going to get me an A for English tomorrow.

After I watch another episode of Suits, though. 

So I’m at SMUN this weekend, which is a freaking amazing conference put together by a bunch of freaking amazing people, and it’s interesting. And epic. Day 1 was cool, getting to meet new people and creepily taking photos of others I don’t really know. Oh, the joys of being a socially-inept 16 year-old boy.


2. Noura Tan, who is amazing.

3 & 4. What the press team actually does. Suh, Suh, Suh.

5. Joshua being serious and stuff.